Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Ventures

I am done with biochemistry. Which means two things: 1) I am generally happier, and 2) I have time to climb outside. A lot of time. This past weekend, for instance, I climbed at Newlin Creek on Saturday and Thunder Ridge on Sunday. 

Newlin Creek
I haven't found anything at Newlin I'm particularly psyched on, but I've been dying to get on Megladon, the area's classic V7/8 highball. Although the climb was spectacular, it was also a bit disappointing for a few reasons: 1) it felt more like V6 than V7/8, 2) it wasn't as highball as I had expected, 3) I didn't flash it. Mainly reason #3. Regardless, this climb is definitely footage-worthy.

Thunder Ridge
Thunder Ridge is one of the weirdest and most scenic places I've been. I imagine it looked entirely different two years ago, before the fires. There are acres and acres of lifeless trees scattered across the landscape, alongside chicken-head rock formations. And dozens of threatening signs with rifles on them (refer to video), as part of the approach goes through someone's extended driveway. Rumor has it that this is due to a marijuana growing operation, although I can't imagine anything would actually grow there. We only managed to find two of the dozen or so established lines, but one of them was Cheat Death, which is supposedly the best V9 in Colorado. After climbing this one-roof wonder, I can confirm that it is, without doubt, the best V9 I have ever climbed, and maybe even the best route I have ever climbed. Super long, sustained, no definite crux, consistently hard. Definitely didn't expect to send this one, especially in so few ground-up attempts.

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  1. Dear Galina, I'm really inspired by your training videos, but watching your bouldering videos, I thought you might want to train flexibility, in addition to strength. I feel that you climb in a somewhat male-style, except that you're obviously not as strong as guys. You mentioned that you really liked Akiyo, and I thought her style largely relies on her flexibility (in the muscles and joints), besides the necessary strength and power.

    I'm not posting this as any kind of criticism - I really like you and just hope that you to climb better and better!